What is New ?

Date Update
15.01.06 [Tannenbaum] Updated the description of the German plans.
- Updated the description German plans based on the original documents.
14.01.06 [Tannenbaum] Corrected an error in the planning sequence.
- I checked my secondary sources with the original plans and found an inconsistency. Apparently there were four levels of German planning and not three.
01.01.06 [Tannenbaum] Published the new "Tannenbaum August 1940" Scenario.
- A new TOAW scenario for playtesting.
14.12.05 [Tannenbaum] Updated the Timeline.
- Updated the timeline with new info I got from the Archives.
14.12.05 [Limmatstellung & Tannenbaum] Finalised the Artillery TO&E.
- Finalised the TO&E for the swiss artillery units.
24.11.05 [Tannenbaum] Extended the Redoubt Planning part.
- Added a lot of information on how the central redoubt was created.
02.10.05 [Limmatstellung ] Updated
- Adapted/Fixed the OOB of some fortresses on input by Oswald Schwitter.

Current Work and Plans