Welcome to the Tannenbaum 1940 site. I started this work after reading the "Die Limmatstellung im Zweiten Weltkrieg". First I modeled only the position of the 3rd Swiss Army Corps, but then the thing grew and grew and grew ... and now I am here, trying to document the whole positions of the Swiss and French Army in May 1940. And to build scenarios for the simulation "The Operational Art of War".

If you are interested in the Swiss defensive preparation before 10. May 1940 you should have a look at my Limmatstellung 40 documentation.

Already before the Fall of France, Hitler got preoccupied with the case of Switzerland. On 16. June 1940 he ordered the complete encirclement of Switzerland (to cut the railway lines coming through Annecy, Annemasse from the French Mediterrean ports). This operation failed due to poor planning on the German side, hard fighting French mountain troops and to the fact, that Mussolini's Italian troops were not able to pierce the French defenses in the Alps.

A few days before the armisitice began on 26. June 1940, the German OKH started to plan the attack against Switzerland.

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