Prelude to the Reduit

[UC Front Gugger, 3. June 1940] [CO 4. AK Labhardt, 21. June 1940]

Letter to the Chief of Staff, 3.6.1940
(by Under Staff Chief Front Gugger)

"..., dass wir von Frankreich keine nennenswerte Hilfe mehr zu erwarten haben, ..."

"..., since we cannot expect any significant help from France, ..."

With his letter, Gugger initiated the move of parts of the 7th division from its position on the Linth to the Jura mountains to reinforce the 4th division.

Letter to the General, 21.6.1940
(by the commander of the 4th corps Labhardt)

This letter was a reaction to the shifting of troops from the 4th corps to the army position in the West.

Besides some proposals for new positions within the 4th corps, Labhardt writes about the possibility of a prolonged resistance

"..., denke ich mir diese Stellung in Anlehnung an den Gotthard entweder mehr in der Zentralschweiz oder aber mehr gegen das Berneroberland hin. In dieser igelartigen Aufstellung müsste die ganze Armee (...) eingesetzt werden ..."

"..., I imagine this position to be based on the Gotthard more in Central Switzerland or more towards the Bernese Oberland. In this hedgehog-like position, the whole army would be needed ..."

The next day, the first of a set of reunions with the other corps commanders took place.

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