This corps was located at Malbuisson close to Valorbe. In November 1940 it moved back to the Reich. Commanding general was Gen. der Gebirgstruppe Franz Böhme.


The task for the XVIII AK in the plan was to break through the border fortifications between Le Locle (incl) and Basel (incl). Basel would have to be bypassed at the West. After opening the exits from the Jura mountains at the Hauenstein (N of Olten), the Klus between Balsthal and Oensingen and the Taubenloch gorge near Biel, the motorized regiments should exploit the attack.

The attack could have been supported by a paradrop in the area of Olten.

Plan 12.8.40

Adapted Plan  (no original document found up to now, secondary source)

The OOB remained unchanged in the second version of this plan.

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