XV AK (mot)

The corps was located in the area of the Somme in June 1940 and around Orleans in July 1940. It was commanded by Generaloberst Hermann Hoth. Im November 1940 it became Panzergruppe 3.


The corps had to break through the border fortifications between Nyon (incl) and Vervières (incl) and then to take Bern and the area around Thun as quick as possible. After this the corps would have to be ready to help the XVIII corps by opening the exits from the Jura mountains from the back.

The 20 ID (mot) was assigned directly to 12. Army.

Plan 12.8.40

Adapted Plan (no original document found up to now, secondary source)

With the second version of the plan the 29. ID (mot) would have been replaced by the 8. PD.

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