The corps was located in the area of Langres (Lothringen) in France. It was transferred to Poland in September. The commanding officer was General der Infanterie Walter Schroth. In June 1940 it consisted of the 75. ID and the 268. ID.


The corps had the task to destroy the Swiss force in the area Zürich - Sargans - Bodensee - Waldshut. The attack would have to take place in the area between Waldshut and Romanshorn.

Parachute attacks were planned in the Linth plain and around Sargans.

Between Basel and Konstanz deceptive attacks over the Rhine should have been made.

OOB Plan 12.8.40

OOB Adapted Plan (no original document found up to now, secondary source)

With the second version of the plan the 260. ID would have been replaced by the 2. ID (mot).

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