12. Armee

[First Plan Jun 40] [Second Plan Aug 40]

12. Armee fought in Poland as Heeresgruppenkommando Süd. It was subordinated to Heeresgruppe A during the attack on France and in July it was allocated to HGr C. In September 1940 the army was transferred to the East and served in the Balkans later.

OOB First Attack Plan June 1940

Around 24. June 1940 the army received the task to plan an attack in Switzerland. The plan was refined in August. Commanding General was Generalfeldmarschall Wilhelm List.

The army consisted of four corps with two divisions each, since the Germans assumed, that the special terrain in Switzerland would not allow maneuvers for larger forces. The headquarter of the division was located at Salins-les-Bains, just 55 kms from the Swiss border.


This corps was located at Malbuisson close to Valorbe. In November 1940 it moved back to the Reich. Commanding general was Gen. der Gebirgstruppe Franz Böhme. It consisted of the two mountain divisions available to the army.


The XXV AK was commanded by Gen. der Infanterie Karl Ritter von Prager and was located at Belfort until it moved to NW France (St. Nazaire) in November 1940.


This corps was moved in August to Norway (Drontheim). CO is unknown to me.


The XXVII AK was commanded by Gen. der Infanterie Alfred Wäger and moved in October 1941 to Russia. It seems that it was located around Dijon.

OOB Second Attack Plan August 1940

The second plan asked for the use of three corps and one independent division (reinforced by a MG batallion). One motorized division and one infantry division were to be kept in reserve.

The task for the (reinforced) independent 20. ID (mot) was to attack out of the area of Gex through Geneva and through the French demilitarized zone on the Southern end of Lake Geneva and the Chamonix area to Martigny. Afterwards it would have pushed upward the Rhone valley towards the St. Gotthard to open the Simplon pass from the back. It is especially interesting, that a motorized division would have been used to attack through alpine terrain.

The SS division "Totenkopf" was used as a reserve to exploit the successes of XV (mot) corps South of Besancon.

The 23. ID was to be used to break stiff resistance in the Jura mountains in the West of Basel.

Adapted Plan (no original document found up to now, secondary source)

The second version of the plan replaced the 23. ID with the 29. ID (mot) to achieve higher mobility. In addition the 8. PD replaced the 29. ID (mot) in the XV AK and the 2. ID (mot) replaced the 260. ID in XII AK.

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