Second Set of Plans (HGr C) - 12. August 1940

[Initial Version 12.8.40] [Options - Second Planning]

Changes in the Situation - 3.August 1940

In a short memo von Menges describes the changes since his presentation of the 26. June 1940:

Initial Version - 12. August 1940

The second plan was completed around the 12. August 1940 by the same Hauptmann von Menges who was already responsible for the first plan. It was very detailed on the OOB and the axis of attack. There are references in secondary literature, that there was a second version with a slightly adapted OOB, but I couldn't get any original documents up to now.

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The plan asked for a concentric attack from the North, the West and the South. The Eastern part was considered to be too mountaineous. The focus of the attack was in the West. The army would first break through the frontier fortifications, and then take the cities of Bern and Zurich as quick as possible. At the same time the Italians would attack with focus at the Simplon and at the Splügen passes.

The main goal was to cut off the army from a retreat to the Alps. The use of parachuted infantry was considered for this purpose. The new Swiss setup (based on the operational plan No 11 and 12) were not yet recognized. The information was still based on the operational plan No 10. It therefore can be assumed, that a Germans would have had quite a surprise, that at the end of the execution of the plan still half of the Swiss army would have been intact in the Alps.

The Plan

12th army was earmarked to lead the attack against Switzerland

One motorized corps (XV AK (mot)) was to attack between the Val de Travers (including) and Nyon on two axes. The goal was to take Bern and to reach Thun and Interlaken through the Simmental.

One corps (XVIII AK) with one mountain and one infantry division was to attack between Le Locle and Basel (incl) and to open the Hauenstein, the Klus of Balsthal and the Taubenloch gorge. The goal was to reach Lucerne.

One corps (XII AK) with two infantry divisions had to attack on two axis from the North. One goal was to take Zurich, the other to reach the line Linth-Walensee-Sargans. Paratroopers would be used to support the attack on Sargans and on the plain of the Linth and to cut off the retreat route to the South.

Options - Second Planning

There was no real adaptation of the original plan. On one of the copies of the original plan some handwritten notes can be found which indicate possible adaptations to the plan:

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