Welcome to the Limmatstellung 1940 site. I started this work after reading the "Die Limmatstellung im Zweiten Weltkrieg". First I modeled only the position of the 3rd Swiss Army Corps, but then the thing grew and grew and grew ... and now I am here, trying to document the whole positions of the Swiss and French Army in May 1940. And to build scenarios for the simulation "The Operational Art of War".

With the mobilization in 1939 the Swiss army occupied its standard positions which were basically the mobilization positions with limited defensive value. Although it was obvious to most Swiss people, that the main threat would come from Germany in the North, the Swiss neutrality demanded a "weighted" setup against all possible threats. In addition the Swiss army was, despite the efforts in the late 1930s, not well prepared for a conflict. Not only the armament was in a mixed state, but also detailed plans and preparations were missing.

So it was only in October 1939, one month after Hitler's attack on Poland, that general Henri Guisan ordered the army to take a defensive position which would be useful against a German attack. Like other countries in Europe, Switzerland had neglected its armed forces until the second half of the 30s. Therefore the overall the Swiss Forces were too weak to cover the whole line on their own. Therefore the general negotiated an agreement with the French Army, where the French would fill the position on the Gempen plateau with their own forces in case of a German attack.

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