Operationsbefehl Nr. 2 4.10.1939 "Aufmarsch NORD"

For a timeline of the Swiss operational planning see "Swiss Operational Planning 1939 to 1940".

One month after the first mobilization the orders for the "Aufmarsch NORD", the defense against a German attack were given. The main line of defense stretched from the plateau of Gempen over the heights of the Jura mountains, across the Aare river, along the Limmat river, the Lake of Zurich, the Linth canal, the Walensee to the East at Sargans.

This operational plan was developed by officers of confidence of the general bypassing the general staff. The solution that came out was almost the same as the one of the operational exercise which took place earlier in 1939 (see the discussion of the operational planning).

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This was the first time, the Swiss army dropped the full defense of the whole territoriy as its doctrine. Due to the shortcomings in equipment (only two dozens of tanks were available, the air force and the anti aircraft defense were under equipped) the army adopted a line of defense which left the Eastern part of Switzerland (Schaffhausen, Thurgau, a part of the Canton of Zurich, St. Gallen and Appenzell) just with a minimal defense by border troops.

In addition the plan counted on the help by the French army which had planned to defend the Western most sector of the line (the Gempen plateau) with its VIIe Corps d'Armée.

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