Swiss Task Force "Division MURTEN" - May 10, 1940

[Task and Position] [Order of Battle] [Fortress Vallorbe]

The division Murten was formed by an order to the 1st Army Corps on March 21st 1940. It was under the orders of the commander of the 1st border brigade. The division was made up by the 1st border brigade and the 2nd border brigade.

Task and Position

It was planned to be put the division into army reserve in the area of Kerzers - Morat - Avenches - Payerne.


Order of Battle

The division MURTEN fielded the following force:

Men ca 15'700
LMG 564
Laf LMG 141
sMG 268
81mm Mortar 60
47mm ATG 56
75mm Feldgeschütz 3
105mm sch mot Kan 0
120mm Feldhaubitze 0
150mm Feldhaubitze 0

The division would have organized itself a bit differently for the "Fall Nord" than above. Three new infantry regiments would have been formed:

No 90 with Füs Bat 1, Füs Bat 2, Füs Bat 3 (from infantry regiment 9)

No 91 with Füs Bat 341 and Füs Bat 342 (formed by the Füs Bat 211 to 218).

No 92 with Füs Bat 343 and Füs Bat 344 (formed by the Füs Bat 221-227).

It would have kept the bicycle, the anti-tank and the HMG companies.

One engineer batallion would have been attached (No 22).

Fortress Vallorbe

The small fortress Vallorbe was the only considerable fortification in the area of this division. It consisted of 3 75mm guns and two 47mm AT guns.

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