Swiss Air Force & Anti Aircraft Troops - May 10, 1940

Air Force

The Swiss Air Force came into existence during WW 1. When the threat started to grow in the early thirties the evaluation for modern equipment started. Despite some obstacles due to internal fights, the Swiss Air Force could field some 60 modern Bf 109 E Fighters in May 1940. In addition the Germans had just delivered 28 additional fighters of the same type.

In parallel the Swiss department of defense had started to build the Morane-Saulnier MS-406 Morane in license (called D3800). In May 1940 some 34 planes were deployed and 10 additional ones ready to be handed over.

In the area of the fighter bombers the aircraft which could be fielded were obsolete Dewoitine D-27 and homegrown C-35. Both airplanes where the design dated back from the 20s or the early 30s. In no way a match to German aviation.

Anti Aircraft Defense

Despite the fact, that the famous Oerlikon anti-aircraft gun was built in the Zurich area, the buildup of the Swiss anti aircraft defense came late. Most of the equipment was bought between September 1939 and May 1940. The main reason for this were internal fights between the military command and the state owned armament industry (the so called K+F).

Commanding Officer: Oberstdivisionär Bandi

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