Swiss Army Formations - Order of Battle May 10, 1940

In addition to the two ad hoc divisions and the 2nd division, there were quite some infantry batallions under direct army control. Most of these troops seem to have been used to protect vital installations and transport infrastructure against enemy sabotage and paratroops.

Elite (Auszug) Formations

One cavalry squadron (No 25), thirteen infantry batallions (Auszug/Landwehr  Bat).

Independent Infantry Batallions

Füs Bat 1 Vaud
Füs Bat 2 Vaud
Füs Bat 58 Aargau, Basel-Land
Füs Bat 59 Aargau
Füs Bat 60 Aargau
Füs Bat 61 Schaffhausen
Füs Bat 64 Schaffhausen
Füs Bat 75 Thurgau
Geb Füs Bat 77 St. Gallen
Füs Bat 78 St. Gallen
S Bat 2 Neuenburg
S Bat 5 Basel-Land, -Stadt
S Bat 7 Zürich, Thurgau, St. Gallen

Territorial Troops (Territorial Truppen)

In addition to the territorial troops assigned to the divisions and other first line units another 12 batallions were available together with 5 cavalry batallions and 9 cavalry squadrons.

Cavalry Batallions

Drag Schw (Lst) 11
Drag Schw (Lst) 12
Drag Schw (Lst) 13
Drag Schw (Lst) 14
Drag Schw (Lst) 15

Cavalry Squadrons

Drag Schw (Lst) 51
Drag Schw (Lst) 52
Drag Schw (Lst) 53
Drag Schw (Lst) 54
Drag Schw (Lst) 55
Drag Schw (Lst) 56
Drag Schw (Lst) 57
Drag Schw (Lst) 58
Drag Schw (Lst) 59

Independent Infantry Batallions

Füs Bat 162   Vaud
Füs Bat 169   Bern
Füs Bat 171   Bern
Füs Bat 175   Solothurn
Füs Bat 177   Solothurn
Füs Bat 178   Solothurn
Füs Bat 189   Luzern
Füs Bat 190   Luzern
Füs Bat 191   Uri
Füs Bat 193   Graubünden
Füs Bat 195   Bern

In my cross-reference for the infantry batallions I have some numbers where I have no reference to a batallion. Maybe you can help:

No 100 - Didn't probably exist.

No's 113-120 - Didn't probably exist, 112 is the last Landwehr/Auszug batallion, 121 is the first territorial batallion.

No's 196-200 - Didn't probably exist, with 201 the border batallions start.

No's 258-259 - No Idea. Probably a hole in the number since the batallions 252 to 257 are allocated to the border brigade 4 and the numbers 261 to 269 to the border brigade 6. 260 is allocate to the fortress Sargans which was probably formed later.

No's 270-273 - No Idea. Something similar as above.

No 290 - Same as above.

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