Swiss 2nd Army Corps - May 10, 1940

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Task and Position

The 2nd corps had to defend the line between the Aare river in the East and the Line of Birs river (exclusive) in the West. The front line was formed by the rivers Rhine and Aare. Both rivers are considerable obstacles in the area. The main line of resistance was set up on the line Geissberg - Marchwald - Frickberg - Tiersteinberg - Fransberg up to the plateau of Gempen. The two passes Bözberg and Hauenstein were to be held as backwards positions. The corps HQ was located in Zofingen.

Its task was defined in the Operationsbefehl No 4 as follows:

"2. A.K. hält den Abschnitt links Armeestellung zwischen der untern Aare und dem Gempenplateau. Abwehrfront: Lauffohr - Geissberg - Marchwald - Frickberg - Thiersteinberg/Buechberg - Farnsberg - Liestal (inkl.). Der rechte Flügel von Lauffohr über Geissberg - Frickberg ist besonders stark zu machen.

Bözberg und Hauenstein sind als Stützpunkte hinterer Linie auszubauen und als solche auf alle Fälle zu halten.

"The 2nd Army Corps holds the left sector of the Armyposition between the lower Aare river and the plateau of Gempen. Main line of defense Lauffohr - Geissberg - Marchwald - Frickberg - Thiersteinberg/Buechberg - Farnsberg - Liestal (incl.). The right wing from Lauffohr over Geissberg - Frickberg has to be made especially strong.

The passes of Bözberg and Hauenstein are to be protected with strong points and are to be held at all cost."

For this task the Swiss 2nd corps had three divisions, two brigades and one minor fortification under its command:

Forward Positions

Main Position

It seems that all troops in the area of the corps were able to prepare their positions themselves during the period of the "Drôle de Guerre" between September 1939 and May 1940.

Order of Battle

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The 2nd Army Corps fielded the following force :

Men*) ca 77'300
LMG 2'226
Laf LMG 618
sMG 940
81mm Mortar 208
47mm ATG**) 164
75mm Feldgeschütz 116
105mm sch mot Kan 40
120mm Feldhaubitze 0
150mm Feldhaubitze 16

*) Combatant units only.
**) Actually a field gun. Mostly used in ATG role.

Commanding Officer: Oberstkorpskommandant Prisi

Fortress Reuenthal

The fortress Reuenthal was built in the late 30s to cover the crossing of the Rhine river near Koblenz. It was armed with two 75mm guns and a few heavy MGs.

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