Troop Organisation

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Unit Classes

The Swiss Army was divided in classes based on the age of the men.

  All men w/o Cavalry Cavalry First and Second Lieutenants Captains Staff Officers
Auszug up to 32 up to 30 up to 32 up to 38 up to 48
Landwehr I 33 to 36 31 to 36 33 to 36 33 to 44  
Landwehr II 37 to 40 37 to 40 37 to 40    
Landsturm 41 - 48 41 - 48 41 - 52 45 - 52 49 - 52

Infantry [back to top]

Abbreviation WWII          Signatures          Today Unit
Inf. Rgt.
Geb. Inf. Rgt.

Ter. Rgt.

Infantry Regiment / Mountain Infantry Regiment

Territorial Infantry Regiment

Füs.(S) Bat.
Geb. Füs.(S.) Bat.

Ter. Bat.

Infantry Batallion / Mountain Infantry Batallion

Territorial Infantry Batallion

Füs.(S) Kp.
Geb. Füs.(S.) Kp.

Ter. Füs. Kp.

Infantry Company / Mountain Infantry Company

Territorial Infantry Company

M.G. Kp
Geb. M.G. Kp

Ter. M.G. Kp.

Machine Gun Company / Mountain MG Company

Territorial Machine Gun Company

Geb. Mitr. Abt Mountain Machine Gun Batallion
Geb. Mitr. Kp. (in Abt.) Mountain Machine Gun Company (in Bn)

Light Troops [back to top]

Abbreviation WWII          Signatures          Today Unit
Rdf. Bat.   Bicycle Batallion
l. Br. Light Brigade
l. Rgt. Light Regiment
Drag. Schw. Cavalry Company
Rdf. Kp. Bicycle Company
Rdf. Kp. Bicycle Company (Liaison)
Mot. Lmg. Kp Motorized Light Machine Gun Company
Mot. Ik. Kp. Motorized Infantry Gun Company
Pzw. Det.   Tank Detachment
Mot. Rdf. Kp. Motorcycle Company
Mot. Mitr. Kp. Motorized MG Company

Artillery [back to top]


Abbreviation WWII          Signatures          Today Unit
F. Art. Rgt. Field Artillery Regiment
Mot. Hb. Rgt Motorized Howitzer Regiment
Sch. Mot. Kan. Rgt. Heavy Motorized Gun Regiment
F. Art. Abt. Field Artillery Batallion
Geb. Art. Abt. Mountain Artillery Batallion
F. Hb. Abt. Field Howitzer Batallion
Sch. F. Hb. Abt. Heavy Field Howitzer Batallion
Mot. Kan. Abt. Motorized Gun Batallion
Mot. Hb. Abt. Motorized Howitzer Batallion
Sch. Mot. Kan. Abt Heavy Motorized Gun Batallion
F. Bttr. Field Battery
Geb. Bttr. Mountain Battery
F. Hb. Bttr. Field Howitzer Battery
Sch. F. Hb. Bttr. Heavy Field Howitzer Battery
Mot. Kan. Bttr. Motorized Gun Battery
Mot. Hb. Bttr. Motorized Howitzer Battery
Sch. Mot. Kan. Bttr. 105mm Heavy Motorized Gun Battery 105mm
Sch. Mot. Kan. Bttr. 12cm Heavy Motorized Gun Battery 12cm

Engineers [back to top]


Abbreviation WWII          Signatures          Today Unit
Sap. Kp.   Combat Engineer Company
Mot. Sap. Kp.   Motorized Combat Engineer Company
Sap. Bat.   Combat Engineer Batallion
Geb. Sap. Kp.   Mountain Combat Engineer Company
Geb. Sap. Bat.   Mountain Combat Engineer Batallion
Mot. Sap. Kp. (l. Br)   Motorized Combat Engineer Company (Light Brigade)
Mi. Kp.   Miner Company
Mi. Bat.   Miner Batallion
Pont. Kp.   Bridge Engineer Company
Pont. Lastw. Kol.   Bridge Engineer Truck Company
Pont. Bat.   Bridge Engineer Batallion