Scenario Description - Limmatstellung 1940

Fall Braun, as Fall Grün were operation plans for a frontal attack through the Maginot line. They were prepared as a part of the deception against the French. The German general staff made an assessment of the "Swiss" variant for Fall Gelb in 1938/1939 and came to the conclusion that nothing could be won with this variant. It then developed the well known Fall Gelb.

The Swiss Army command took the German threat serious and designed a plan to counter this threat (see Operationsbefehl No 2 and Operationsbefehl No 4). This plan was based on a cooperation with the French Army, the Plan H (H like Helvetie).

This scenario simulates the Fall Braun under the following (unrealistic) assumption:

Date: May 10, 1940
Location: Switzerland
Map Scale: 2.5 km per hex
Time Scale: 6 hour turns
Unit Scale: Battalion (special units as Company)
Length: 30 days (120 Turns)


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